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Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo
Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo


Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo is the signature expo in Asia Pacific that provides solutions for medicine, health, and care. Starting from all aspects of healthcare needs, the expo strategically connects electronics, IT, biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, precision machinery, precision medicine, and health management industries together.

This year, Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo will explore the health industry trend and focus on 3 central themes:

Efficient Healthcare

The application of clinical big data, AI, and innovative medical devices to achieve high quality, precise, and efficient healthcare.

Smart Healthcare

The combination of mobile and IoT technologies, user-friendly assistive devices, and new care models to achieve smart healthcare.

Innovative Healthcare

The utilization of personal health management technologies and tools as well as novel pharmaceutical technologies and products to achieve preventive medicine and effective therapy.


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Why Taiwan:

In this digital era, the global health industry is currently undergoing a revolutionary transformation process, and Taiwan has unique advantages in contributing a significant part to this transformation:

1. Advanced Medical Specialties -

Taiwan's world-class medical centers consistently offer exceptional niche medical services, with notable achievements in multiple specialties, including liver transplant, reconstructive surgery, reproductive health, minimally invasive surgery, and treatment of lung cancer.

2. World's Tech Supply Chain -

Taiwan serves as the heart of the world’s tech supply chain, offering high-quality products from IC design, semiconductor, to electronics. Taiwan's leading IT and electronics manufacturers have been supplying products to multinational tech corporate for decades, accelerating AI, IoT and robotic applications for the entire healthcare and biomedical industry.

3. New Drug Development -

Taiwan's pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing capabilities are of international standards. Currently there are multiple FDA approved new drugs for the treatment of AIDS, pancreas cancer, kidney disease, and infectious disease that were developed in Taiwan - making Taiwan a leader in Asia's new drug development.

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